Classmates "63" Reported Deceased
    Source: Beavercreek HS 2001 Directory & what classmates have sent in to the Committee
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            Listed by year of death ... 51
Terry Lee Kiger (April 16, 2016) 
Betty Haggerty Cheney (June 10, 2014)
Jock Highfield (Nov 18, 2014)
Larry Butcher (April 1, 2015)
Patricia Breen Burkhardt (May 2014)
Linda Norman Cochran (5th Aug 2013 Cancer)
Glenn King (June 29, 2013 cancer)
Sally Duck Miller (June 2013)
Charles Volkenand Apr 2013
Nancy Stafford Capps (August 17, 2012)
Jane Gray Hurley ... April 20, 2012 
James Batdorf(Sept 25, 2011)
 Ken Nutter (Nov 30th 2011 Alzheimers)
Sharon Jenks Belcher (Oct 30 2011 Cancer)
Ron Pittman (July 2011)
James Potter (Sept 14, 2010 Asphyxiation)
Donna Haines (June 22, 2010)
Sherry Inks Neff (Feb 19, 2010 cancer)  
Doug Moore (circa 2010)
Vic Mantell (Nov 19, 2009 cancer)
Dave Cornett (June 2009 cancer)
Christine Kennedy (March 26, 2009 cancer)
Vogt, Gary (Dec 15, 2007)
Lois Poole Schultz (Jan 13, 2007 ALS)
Cindy Maynard Matlock (2006)
Annette Gilbert, Mendenhall (April 5, 2005 cancer)
Jim Rankin (August 24, 2004)

    Nancy Archer (Jul 2003)       Jim Loy (Oct 2001)          Don Bealor  (Jul 2001)        Bill Kirk   (May 2001) 
       Bill Faini (Apr 1991)     Terry George (Sept 1968)     Linda Ball (1967)          Bob Climie (1966)         
    Carlene Wittenauer (1966)     Ron Chapman               Roger Robinson           Virginia McKay        
         Jim Ross                         Pete Tyler                       Judy Wells                   Anita Zarna (Oct 20 1991)
Kaye Girdley (Mar 25, 2004 surgery complications )Nancy Archer (July 21, 2003 cancer)
James Jeffers (July 2003)
Jim Loy (Oct 2001)
Bill Kirk   (May 4 2001)
Don Bealor (July 2001)
Samuel Ankeney  (Jan 2001)
Philip Fickert  (Jan 1998 heart attack)
Karena Yaney Forsyth  (1998)
Bob Walker  (1996 heart attack)
Verlin Eugene Lewis  (March 16, 1993 accident)
Wehner, Barbara (Oct 25,1993)
Preston Mountz (May 15, 1993)
Wayne Byrd (1992)
Bill Faini (Apr 17, 1991 accident)
Don Holsinger (Dec 1977)
Terry George (Sept 17, 1968 car wreck)
Linda Ball (1967)
Bob Climie (1966 car wreck)
Carlene Wittenauer  (1966 car wreck)
No known death dates ...
   Chapman, Ron;    McKay, Virginia
   Robinson, Roger;    Ross, Jim
   Tyler, Pete;    Wells, Judy Elaine
   Zarna, Anita 1945-1991 

Fallen Classmates, how easily forgotten?
At first I really wasn't sure how to address this phase of our class history.  When one reaches the middle fifties or sixties in age, our thoughts seem to concentrate on the living (i.e.  parents, siblings, spouse, children & grandchildren).   Both of my parents have passed on some time ago.  Their memories are still in the back of my mind but seldom are at the forefront of my daily life.

Since recently communicating with several fellow classmates, it has made me more aware of reality.  Not only the deaths of fellow classmates but of the death of classmate's siblings, children & in some cases grandchildren.  The thought of outliving my children is chilling at the least.  But when we finally become empty nesters (as we all eventually do) the fear that you can no longer protect your children anymore will just chill the spine.  You just have to trust that over the years you instilled the clean moral values, respect and honesty that a good parent always does and hope and pray for the best.

While going over the list of our deceased classmates, I sat back in my chair, closed my eyes and tried to remember if I had any contact with them during our high school years, or if I could even remember intermingling with them.  Then I tried to think just how positive were those encounters?  I personally remember encounters with Sam Ankeney, Bob Climie, Bill Faini, Philip Fickert, Gene Lewis, Jim Ross, Pete Tyler, Preston Mounts, Jim Loy & especially Carlene Whittenauer who I took to the prom during our senior year.  In retrospect, had I known that these classmates lives were going to be cut short, I would have spent more constructive time with all of them.  Then there were deceased classmates that no matter how hard I tried I could not remember ever crossing their paths so I don't know if their impression of me was positive or negative.  I feel terrible that I cannot remember any intermingling in high school with Linda Ball, Wayne Byrd, Ron Chapman, Terry George, Virginia McKay, Barbara Wehner, Judy Wells or Anita Zarna. With this in mind, let's all put aside any old sour grapes from the past and try and make our 50th Reunion a big success and greet each other as we would a sibling that we haven't seen or heard from in years!
 Dave Procuniar   August 8th 2013
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Jim Loy 5th Grade Photo
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         Annette Gilbert (April 2005)     Jim Rankin (Aug 2004)     Kaye Girdley (Mar 2004)     James Jeffers (Jul 2003)         
  Sam Ankeney (Jan 2001)   Philip Fickert  (Jan 1998)     Karena Yaney (1998)        Bob Walker (1996)      
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    Jim Potter (Sept 2010)            Donna Haines (Jun 2010)    Sherry Inks (Feb 2010)              Doug Moore (2010)
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      Jane Gray  (April 2012)      Nancy Stafford  (Aug 2012)      Charles Volkenand Apr 2013       Glenn King June 2013
                                          Vic Mantell (Nov 2009)         Dave Cornette (June 2009)          Don Holsinger
 Barb Wehner (Oct 1993)    Preston Mountz (May 1993)     Gene Lewis (Mar 1993)    Wayne Byrd (1992)
     Ken Nutter (Nov 30 2011)       Sharon Jenks (Oct 2011)      Jim Batdorf  (Sept 2011)        Ron Pittman (Jul 2011)       
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 Christina Kennedy  (Mar 2009)     Gary Vogt (Dec 2007)           Lois Poole  (Jan 2007)          Cindy Maynard (2006)
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Larry Butcher (Apr 2015)          Betty Haggerty (June 2014)    Pat Breen (May 2014)    Linda Norman (Aug 2013)
Terry Kiger (2016)